This certification exam is designed for individuals with intermediate knowledge in Azure AI services and tools. 
Candidates taking this exam are expected to have a solid understanding of various Azure AI offerings, including Azure Machine Learning, Cognitive Services, and related platforms.

The exam evaluates the candidate’s knowledge in building, deploying, and managing AI solutions on the Azure cloud.

Exam Objectives:

  1. Azure Machine Learning (20%)
    • Concepts of machine learning experiments
    • Hyperparameter tuning and model deployment in Azure ML
    • AutoML and data labeling
  2. Cognitive Services (40%)
    • Understanding and application of Azure Cognitive Services
    • Cognitive Services APIs, including Computer Vision, Speech, Language, and Decision
    • Integration of Cognitive Services into applications
  3. Azure AI Platform and Tools (15%)
    • Azure Databricks and its role in AI solutions
    • Use of Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) for deploying AI models
    • Azure Notebooks and collaborative development
  4. Advanced AI Services (15%)
    • Reinforcement learning with Azure
    • Model interpretability and explainability
    • AI model deployment at the edge with Azure IoT Edge
  5. Data Preparation and Exploration (10%)
    • Data preparation for machine learning using Azure tools
    • Azure Data Explorer and Stream Analytics in AI solutions

Preparation Tips:

  • Review Azure Machine Learning concepts, including experiments and model deployment.
  • Understand the various Cognitive Services and their use cases.
  • Familiarize yourself with Azure AI platform components and tools like Azure Databricks.
  • Explore advanced AI services such as reinforcement learning and model interpretability.
  • Gain practical experience in data preparation and exploration using Azure tools.