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AI900 DP900 Free microsoft Certification

Azure free exam voucher AI-900 & DP-900 (2020)

You can get a Azure free exam voucher for AI-900 and DP-900 by attending a free webinar by Microsoft events.

How Azure AI and Data skills are changing the world

Hello, you must be aware that how artificial intelligence (AI) and data science (DS) are changing our life. if you’re not aware then I’ll provide some examples which help you in understanding how we’re interacting daily with these technologies:

Time needed: 10 minutes

Examples of AI and DS:

  1. Digital Assistants

    You know that Google now, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri are digital assistants which ask or reply (talk) in the voice form with us. Which also perform some tasks like calling, sending the message, set alarm, check schedule and lot of tasks.
    This is an example of artificial intelligence (AI).multiple-tasks-handling

  2. Chatbots

    You must have interacted with a chatbot while contacting to many Org support team via chat, so first, you’ll get a reply from an automated system which provide matching reply with your entered query. That is a chatbot which saves a lot of time, cost and resources for the organizations. it’s also easy to connect with customers.

  3. Digital Advertisements

    Data science are collecting the multiple data and after analyzing showing the relevant data on the base of organizations can decide where need to focus.
    E.g. Google AdSense showing us an advertisement for which have browse recently which is relevant to users. This would be very effecting and can convert the views in revenue for the organizations. google-advertisement

Like these there are many more examples like Google navigation, Google trending, product recommendations, flights delay predict, weather forecasting etc.

Why it’s important to learn

You must be thinking, why it’s important to you and how can help in your career.

While working in IT, it’s essential for us to keep upgrading our skills according to new technologies. AI and DS are also new technologies for which organizations are using its services. Also, they are providing opportunity to their engineers to upgrade their skills and looking for new engineers who have experience of working on it. So now if you see in the IT market, new technologies are replacing the legacy system and software in every area.

If we didn’t upgrade our skills, then it would be challenging to survive in the IT world. So if you’re interested in Azure artificial intelligence (AI) and data science (DS) then AI-900 & DP-900 are fundamental levels certification from where you may start your career in this area.

Azure Free Exam Voucher Certifications

Microsoft is providing azure free exam voucher, training and certification for following fundamental exams:

Azure free Exam Voucher Registration Steps

Please click on the Registration link and you’ll get the below page

azure free exam voucher
Registration Page
  • First you need to click on the REGISTER link
azure free exam voucher Register link
Register link
  • Fill the require details in the form
azure free exam voucher Fill the registration form
Fill the registration form

Remember to enter business Email ID here in all forms, as you’ll not get benefit with personal email ID, e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook etc..

azure free exam voucher
Attend Skilling workshops
  • Click on any workshops date as per your availability (Blue mark date for AI-900 and Yellow mark date for DP-900) and fill the form again for the particular workshop.
azure free exam voucher webinar date
AI-900 & DP-900 Workshop schedule
  • All respective training are the same which getting provided for multiple days. So if you miss again can join on another date.

Agenda for AI-900

azure free exam voucher Agenda for AI-900
Agenda for AI-900

Agenda for DP-900

azure free exam voucher Agenda for DP-900
Agenda for DP-900

How to get AI-900/DP-900 Test Prep Access

On this page below section you’ll find the another registration link to get free test prep access.

If you’ve complete the workshop, please update your LinkedIn profile with Azure skills, Azure AI, Azure DS skills and fill this form.

azure free exam voucher
Test Prep Access
azure free exam voucher
Get certified link
  • You’ll be redirected to this section, please click on Terms & Conditions to get all details. You may click on the exam code and while schedule exam then you may check your eligibility for Azure free exam voucher AI-900 & DP-900.
azure free exam voucher
azure free exam voucher

Participate and Win prizes “Microsoft Surface Go

Yes, you read right, You can win prizes including vouchers and Microsoft Surface Go! you may check this page for more details.

  • You can win Exam Prep Resource,
  • You can also win Microsoft Surface Go,
  • You can also win assured gift voucher. 
azure free exam voucher
Participate and Win prize

YouTube Tutorial

You may also watch more resources on my YouTube Channel. So please watch and subscribe to be updated.


So I’ve shown you why you should upgrade your skills on artificial intelligence (AI) and data science (DS). Also, how can take benefit of free training and certifications which getting provided by Microsoft completely free. You can also participate to win many prizes like Microsoft Surface Go“. If you’re interested then definitely you should attend this workshop.

You may also check for “How to get free Azure Fundamental AZ-900 exam voucher” post.

You may get confident by practice our Udemy AI-900: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals (95 Practice Test)

Udemy AI-900: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals (95 Practice Test)

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    i attendeded the workshop but it is showing not eligible for voucher

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      Hello Uday,

      Thank you for the feedback.
      I observed that Microsoft in this training providing free exams voucher for some selected corporates only and has not disclosed the Orgnization details.
      No problem you may check my new todays post ( in Ignite skill challenge definately you’ll get a vocuher. if complete the any single challenge after 22 Sept, 2020.

      All The Best.

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